In today's ever-changing world of technology the choices available for businesses can seem overwhelming and confusing. With the recent introduction of Virtualization and Cloud Computing, businesses have more opportunities available to them then ever before. KSB Technologies can help you make the right choices for your business so you can focus on whats more important......your business!

Located in southern NH between Manchester and Portsmouth, KSB Technologies has been serving homes and businesses in both NH and MA for the past 16 years. KSB Technologies was founded by Michael Desantis in 2001. Michael is certified  Administrator that has been in the technology field since 2000 and has worked with many large companies including Polaroid, Compaq, HP, AIG and Dell. Michael started KSB Technologies with the intention to provide you the customer with as much information and support as you need to keep your business safe and protected in today's hostile computing environment. Michael knows the importance of a strong I.T. infrastructure from first hand experiences in the field. KSB Technologies was created to pass that information and knowledge onto you.   KSB Technologies puts your focus back on your business with our:

 • Cloud Computing and Server Virtualization Solutions

 • Highly Skilled and Certified Technology Experts

 • 24 X 7 Help and Support    

KSB Technologies makes technology a powerful tool that increases your businesses productivity and profitability, instead of a ongoing problem that costs you time, resources and money. Our technology solutions cut costs and put your business in a position to prosper.